After many years of percolating slowly, An Affair to Remember was finally born when we decided we had had enough of the same old canapés doing the rounds and felt we could do it better. After that it was a short step to throwing our hands in the air and deciding to tackle the whole lot.

We believe an event is more than just the sum of its parts, a great event is about the details, and is more enjoyable for the fact that you did not have to plan it. An event should be an experience whether it is a intimate dinner party, a corporate launch or a cornerstone event like your wedding. It should reflect your personality or brand but above all be enjoyable. At An Affair to Remember we understand that the event is about you, we will take on as much or as little as you want in order to help you to create your perfect event.

Founder, Laurian Harry

Laurian Harry, founder of An Affair to Remember has over 12 years of events and marketing experience. She has worked for the Fringe Festival, Cirque du Soleil and with many of the major corporates including Audi, BMW, LG, Optus Telecommunications, Rosemount Wines and Heineken.Laurian has worked on all types of events from business conferences and launch parties to Cirque du Soleil Premieres for over 2500 people. Since moving to Switzerland in 2008 she has been working at the European Tech Tour Association running events across Europe.For Laurian, An Affair to Remember is the culmination of much work in two of her favourite things – food and events.