Modern European Menus

Menu one
Layered crab salad
Lime and coriander chicken
Cumin rice with black-eyed beans
Sweet summer pea salad
(V)Mushroom risotto
Raspberry and meringue crush

Menu two
Lemon seared squid
Morrocan lamb
Nutty cous cous salad
Tomato and mint tabbouleh
(V)Spaghetti with lime , rocket and marinated feta cheese
Apricot souffle

Menu three
Grilled halloumi with a rocket and grilled aubergine salad
Salmon fillet with a dill and caper sauce
Spring risotto
Celeriac coleslaw
(V)Courgette and feta canelloni
Double blueberry pie

Menu Four
Smoked trout and asparagus salad
Filet mignon in sherry sauce
Roasted new potatoes with thyme
Chick pea salad
(V)Vegetable paella
Banana flambe

Menu Five
Spinach , bacon and quails egg salad
Partridge braised with mushrooms
Tortellini with a light alfredo sauce
Stir fried greens
(V)Three cheese lasagne rolls
Lemon and lime cheesecake

Menu Six
Smoked salmon mousse with french bread croutes
Sicilian stuffed pork chops
Fettuccine with sweetcorn and gorgonzola cream
Spinach and parmesan salad
(V)Spaghetti with lime, rocket and marinated feta cheese
Vanilla and honey poached peaches.

Menu Seven
Tomato, basil and ricotta puff pastry tarts
Stuffed red snapper
Bulgur pilaff
Two bean and tomato salad
(V)Polenta with sauteed wild mushrooms
Dark chocolate mousse

Price List (per head)
Menu 1: CHF75
Menu 2: CHF80
Menu 3: CHF75
Menu 4: CHF 80
Menu 5: CHF80
Menu 6: CHF80
Menu 7: CHF75

Please note full vegetarian options will be CHF65.

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